Buddhism & Psychology course at IDP: Bringing Practice to Life

New York City

Monday nights, 7 to 9 pm

Join Dr. Jeffrey Rubin for the Interdependence Project’s newest Monday-night course.  Integrating practice into the way we relate to other people and care for ourselves — or don’t — is Note: This series began June 10, 2013.

one of the greatest challenges to those on the path of awakening. While the major Buddhist lineages agree on the importance of the teachings in our daily life, all are based on monastic traditions of Asia and do not provide readily adaptable models for bringing practice into a secular lay lifestyle. From the traditional monastic point of view, feelings, the body, and relationships are causes of enormous suffering and distraction, to be avoided and strictly controlled. However, unlike traditional lineages, Western Buddhism is primarily a lay practice. Unable and unwilling to segregate our practice from such aspects of ordinary life, contemporary students are eager to use their practice to develop a compassionate engagement with others and the world.

In this eight-week workshop, we’ll explore the primary obstacles and hindrances to bringing our practice to life, and we’ll learn several different ways to incorporate new attention and techniques, including how to use meditation to illuminate formerly neglected areas such as interior emotional life and interpersonal relationships, learning to skillfully work with unconscious obstacles to contemplative practice, and applying the teachings to every aspect of our life. Each class in this transformative series will include meditative practice, presentations by the teachers, discussion, and question and answers with the IDP community.

Readings will be posted to the class page, and will draw from classical Buddhism, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism and contemporary Western psychotherapeutic sources.  $20 Drop-In rate per class, or preregister for discounts.

Visit the course website for more info and to register: http://theidproject.org/events/2013/07/01/monday-nights-buddhism-psychology-bringing-practice-life

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