Eastern Tibet: Buddhist nun reported latest to self-immolate

Breaking via Tibet Post International: “A Tibetan Buddhist [nun] set herself ablaze on Tuesday evening, June 11, 2013 (around 5 pm local time) in Tao county, Kham province of eastern Tibet, in an apparent protest against Chinese repressive rule in Tibet.

“Sources coming out of Tibet said that details, including name and age of the Buddhist nun are not yet known as Chinese security forces have immediately imposed a heavy restriction after the incident.

“Immediately after her self-immolation protest, she was taken to a hospital in Dhartsedho county, eastern Tibet, but it is not mentioned whether she was taken by Chinese police or local Tibetans.

“She set herself on fire near Nyatso Monastery, where over 3000 thousands of Buddhist monks from over 50 monasteries in Kham region are currently holding a 10-day annual Buddhist debate meet, started on June 10.

“Since 2009, at least 119 Tibetans have self-immolated reportedly to protest Chinese hardline and repressive rule in Tibet and of them 101 were reportedly passed-away due to severe injuries.”