Dalai Lama Fellows to receive $100,000 of proceeds from His Holiness’ Louisville visit

The Dalai Lama met with Dalai Lama Fellows program staff and five representative Fellows on Monday, May 20, to hear a progress report on the work that he authorized in 2009.

The Host Committee for HH the Dalai Lama’s visit last month to Louisville, KY, has announced that the Dalai Lama himself has directed that $100,000 of the event’s proceeds be donated to the Dalai Lama Fellows, a San Francisco-based initiative he launched in 2009, underlining his appreciation of the organization’s progress.

Dalai Lama Fellows have been drawn from colleges and universities worldwide. A press release about the Dalai Lama’s contribution describes their activity in this way:

“Dalai Lama Fellows engage together in a yearlong reflective leadership curriculum exploring the role of universal values and secular ethics in advancing effective social change. Individually, each Fellow designs and creates an original, mentored Compassion-in-Action project, working across differences at the intersections of justice, peace, and ecology. Representing a broad range of ideologies, nationalities, and cultures, Fellows emerge annually from highly competitive selection processes on their home campuses.”

The release continues, “With this funding, Fellows will continue to design and launch ‘Compassion-In-Action’ projects addressing the intersections of four major global challenges identified by the Dalai Lama as fundamental and needing urgent attention: bridging differences across cultures and religions to foster greater understanding and cooperation; diminishing violence; alleviating poverty; and protecting the environment.”

For more information about the Dalai Lama Fellows, including how to apply for a fellowship oneself, visit http://www.dalailamafellows.org/.