Tibetan nun Wangchen Dolma dies from self-immolation injuries

Tibetan nun Wangchen Dolma

Phayul.com reports that the Tibetan nun Wangchen Dolma, from the Tawu region of Kham, has died of trauma sustained from self-immolation June 11 in protest of China’s ongoing occupation of her homeland.

According to the article:

“Family members of the deceased’s are being kept under house arrest by local Chinese authorities, following an ongoing clampdown on all channels of communication in the region.

“According to the Dharamshala based exile Tibetan administration, Wangchen Dolma passed away on June 14 in a hospital in Dartsedo where Chinese security personnel had forcibly taken her from the protest site. 

“Authorities further cremated Wangchen Dolma’s body without informing her family members, as has been the standard practice with other self-immolators…

“Earlier reports had indicated that Chinese security personnel also severely beat and arrested an unidentified Tibetan man, who had tried to rescue Wangchen Dolma from falling into the hands of Chinese authorities. His current condition and whereabouts remain unknown.”