California couple bequeaths $25 million Japanese art collection

13th c. wooden deity sculpture, artist unknown

Bill and Libby Clark, California cattle and almond magnates, have bequeathed a massive Japanese art collection, valued at $25 million, to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. According to Buddhist Art News,

“Nearly 1,700 objects spanning 1,000 years — paintings, sculpture, ceramics, woodblock prints, bamboo baskets — represent the biggest gift ever to the museum, and will transform it into one of the country’s largest and most comprehensive centers of Japanese art.”

MIA will display 120 selected objects from the Clark collection from Oct. 6, 2013, to Jan. 12, 2014, in “The Audacious Eye,” offering “unusually rich and personal insights into the scope of Japanese art and the nature of connoisseurship.”

To explore further, visit the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture.