Karmapa announces overhaul of Buddhist nuns’ education

The Gyalwang Karmapa’s office has announced a major initiative to radically improve the education of Buddhist nuns, particularly those in his own Karma Kagyu tradition, following a two-day meeting he convened with the leaders of eight nunneries from across Himalayan Asia. While the nuns’ study curriculum is being brought up to the high standards enjoyed by the monks, Gyalwang Karmapa will establish the Arya Kshema Winter Debates, named for the female disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha “foremost…in wisdom and confident eloquence.”

“‘Women and men are equally responsible for upholding the Buddhadharma,’ the Gyalwang Karmapa said, explaining his reason for undertaking this initiative. ‘It is very clear within the Dharma taught by Lord Buddha that women and men were given equal opportunities and equal responsibilities for practicing and transmitting his teachings.’”