The Mind-Body Connection and the “Emotional Rollercoaster”

The relationship between the mind and the body is a fundamental part of Dharma practice. As Anyen Rinpoche, founder of the Orgyen Khamdroling Dharma Center, explains, reflecting on the mind-body connection through mindfulness and self-discernment can help ground you and reconnect you in your own practice — which we all can use from time to time. Click here to read “Examining the Body-Mind Connection Through Mindful Self-Reflection,” an excerpt from his book Momentary Buddhahood.

Anyen Rinpoche, along with John Tarrant and Polly Young-Eisendrath, will be leading “Getting Off the Emotional Rollercoaster,” a weekend program — coming soon, from July 19 to 21 — co-presented by the Shambhala Sun Foundation at Omega Institute this summer. The program will be held at Omega’s Rhinebeck, NY, campus and will explore emotions and how to work with them in everyday life. During the weekend, participants will learn to cultivate a sense of calm and spaciousness, make friends with negative emotions, transform the inner dialogue that accompanies them, and apply helpful Buddhist techniques to deal with them on the spot. For more information, and to register, click here.