Rima Fujita to exhibit new artwork on the endangered Himalaya

"Last Glacier" by Rima Fujita

Artist Rima Fujita will exhibit new works depicting the Himalayan environment and its endangered species, as guest artist in the show Surface Tension at New York City’s Sundaram Tagore Gallery, open from July 23 to August 24. These works expand on the theme Fujita introduced in the children’s book she wrote and illustrated, Save the Himalayas, published in 2011 with a foreword by HH the Dalai Lama.

Save the Himalayas is part of a philanthropic project Fujita created called “Books for Children,” through which more than 12,000 books have been donated to Tibetan children in exile (you can read recent messages here from Tibetan children in India who received copies of Save the Himalayas). All the profits from her four published children’s books are offered to support Tibetan children’s education.

As Fujita explains in her Artist’s Statement, her vivid visual style is partially informed by unique Buddhist elements in her background: “As a descendant of the Japanese Last Samurai the fundamental essence of my creation is based on Buddhism and Bushido — the coexistence of self-discipline, commitment, serenity and compassion. However, raised in New York City my external life is utterly Westernized. My work is the result of intertwined hybrid cultures, countless layers of monologues and emotions that manifest in my dreams and meditation process…I work on black surface, ‘Nibiiro,’ the expression of a very dark grey from the Heian period (AD 794 to 1185) in Japan. I am inspired by a myth that if you mixed all colors that exist in Nirvana, the Buddhist land of Perfect Bliss, it would become ‘Nibiiro.’”

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Image courtesy of the artist.