A wealth of DharmaPunx teachings – and it’s all free

From Buddhist teacher Josh Korda comes some great news: he and his fellow DharmaPunx-related teachers have made a wealth of their teachings available, for free, on iTunes.

“There are literally hundreds” of these teachings to be found there, Josh tells us, including talks by Noah Levine, George Haas, and Kevin Griffin, and many guided meditations. To start downloading, just visit iTunes and search under “dharmapunx.”

For more about Josh and his fellow teachers, don’t miss this profile of the Against the Stream community, from the Spring 2013 Buddhadharma magazine. And, after the jump, you’ll find links to Shambhala Sun pieces by Josh, as well as by DharmaPunx / Against the Stream founder Noah Levine.

Josh Korda and Noah Levine, from the Shambhala Sun (links open in new windows):

* Every Day a Reprieve — Josh Korda knows he is not cured — he never will be — but through honesty and diligence, he enjoys a daily reprieve from depression and addiction.
* Josh Korda on “Letting Go of What It All Means” * Video: Dharma Punx’ Josh Korda on CBS* Josh Korda on “Awakening Together” * Noah Levine: “Already Broken” * Noah Levine: “Kindness Changes Everything” * Noah Levine: “The Power of Forgiveness” * Noah Levine: “It Takes a Sangha”

(Photo [detail] by Gianna Leo Falcon)