Buddhist Geeks to gather in Boulder this weekend

The third annual Buddhist Geeks conference is just around the corner, and there are still a handful of tickets left if you want to get your dharma geek on. Promising a participatory environment “at the intersection of Buddhism, technology, and global culture,” the conference is slated for August 16-18 at the University Memorial Center, in Boulder, CO. We at the Shambhala Sun Foundation are proud to be a partner to Buddhist Geeks.

Nearly two dozen speakers — including scientists, entrepreneurs, and Buddhist teachers such as David Loy, Shinzen Young, Diane Hamilton, and Lodro Rinzler — will populate keynote and roundtable slots with topics ranging from “Neurodharma: Practicing with the Brain in Mind” to “Getting a Handle on Scandal” and “Mindful Media: A New Culture of Immersiveness,” along with a variety of practice opportunities, participant-driven events, and evening entertainment (the full schedule is here).