The Fall 2013 Buddhadharma magazine is here. What’s inside?

The Fall 2013 issue of Buddhadharma is now on newsstands. So: what will you find inside? Read below, or check out the issue online, here.

On the cover — Karma: Fate or Freedom? Rita Gross, Andrew Olendzki, and Larry Ward explain what karma is, how it works, and why it’s not all bad news. Introduction by David Loy.

Empty Splendor — To have a genuine appreciation for the world, we must see it directly, says the late Traleg Rinpoche. The tantric path teaches us how to cut through our concepts and confusion so we can experience reality in its full vividness and clarity.

The View from Mount Meru — In light of modern knowledge, traditional Buddhist cosmology may seem irrelevant or quaint at best. But as Ajahn Punnadhammo explains, the world system it describes contains important insights for practicing the Buddhist teachings.

Plus: “Ask the Teachers” addresses working with depression; Andrew Holecek offers meditations and teachings to help us prepare for the end of life; Geoffrey Samuels reviews The Epic Gesar of Ling; Ann Shaftel asks, “What Are You Doing to Protect Your Buddhist Treasures?”; Karl Brunnholzl explains why we need more “Buddhist professionals”; the Mangala Shri Bhuti community is profiled; and still much more.

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