Monday Nights with Ethan Nichtern: The Journey of Relationships

Northeast USA  

October 28, 2013

New York City

Mondays, 7 to 9 pm

Join Shastri Ethan Nichtern for this in-depth and personal exploration of how the teachings and practices of the Mahayana tradition can be used to skillfully and compassionately guide us in our personal relationships, especially Note: This series began September 16.

with partners, family, close friends, and difficult persons.

Topics will include both traditional and modern meditation techniques and contemplations for working interpersonally, including communication tools and ways to relate to anger, desire, fear, and inadequacy more skillfully in life.

This course will highlight topics and ideas drawn from Ethan’s new book, “The Road Home,” which will be published next year by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Required and suggested readings will be posted in August!