Sotheby’s offers Buddhist masterworks in “Footsteps of the Buddha”

A grey schist relief depicting the parinirvana of Buddha, from the ancient Silk Road kingdom of Gandhara, 2nd c. CE

Opening today through September 23, Sotheby’s auction house will present a selling exhibition in its New York gallery, entitled “Footsteps of the Buddha: Masterworks from Across the Buddhist World.” It will be the first time in over a decade that Sotheby’s has offered Buddhist art from such a broad historical spectrum, with pieces ranging from the 2nd c. CE to the present day.

An item at quotes Sotheby’s Jacqueline Dennis, Specialist in the Indian & Southeast Asian Art Department, as saying, “The 31 pieces in this exhibition display the distinct artistic heritages and aesthetics of their countries of origin, but at the same time, they share a common history and iconography. They express Buddhist philosophical concepts, show how Buddhism influenced the culture of the countries it penetrated, and how those countries made Buddhism their own. These timeless works of art also show how Buddhist art transformed through space and time, and continues to be a vital force in Asia today.”

Images and background of all 31 pieces in the exhibit may be seen at Sotheby’s site here.

Image: Sotheby’s.