Restoring the Sovereignty of Being: Live Event and Live Webcast

Northern California  

November 2, 2013
11:00 amto6:00 pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Woodacre, California

Until being is restored to its rightful sovereignty, we are sleepwalking through life, all the while imagining that we are awake. Until being is restored, the radiance cannot shine; light cannot come into the world. And no matter how much we may accomplish, it all takes place in the realm of unconscious being. With Adyashanti.

The first task of spirituality is to awaken to being. Being is the source and substance of our existence and reveals that we are not essentially a body-bound personality, but a presence. Awakening opens the door, not only of realizing our existential reality, but also of the possibility of functioning from that reality in the world of time and space. In order for this possibility to be actualized, being must be restored to its rightful place as the center and substance of our existence. It must become the ground from which we live and act.

This event will sell out, so early registration is strongly recommended. Register for the in-person live event here

This event is also available as a live webcast. (A video link to the recorded webcast will be available for 90 days to webcast registrants.) Register for the webcast here.

$108 to $60 sliding scale for either the live event or the webcast.