Organization formed to represent global Buddhism

Ven. Lama Lobzang

One of the most significant results emerging from last month’s Founding Members’ Conclave of the International Buddhist Confederation  in New Delhi, India, was the announcement of the formation of the first organization seeking to represent the global Buddhist community.

The Voice of America spoke with the 82-year-old Lama Lobzang, whose Asoka Mission has taken on the task of overseeing the new body:

“The main responsibility of our organization is the preservation of Buddhist heritage sites including over 100 Buddhist meditative caves in Indian states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. These ancient Buddhist sites that were previously neglected need to be protected and preserved.”

Buddhist representatives from 33 nations attended the conference (though Lama Lobzang lamented the lack of Chinese representation due to the difficulty of obtaining exit visas), and the VOA said their new organization also seeks to be “a voice for the religion at major international events.”

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