History-making transmission conducted in the Soto Zen tradition

L to R: Reverends Craig Daiken Nelson, angel Kyodo williams, Paco Genkoji Lugovina and Joaquin Ryusho Salazar

On October 6, Paco Genkoji Lugoviña Sensei conducted an unusual dharma transmission ceremony, giving transmission to three successors simultaneously — Craig Daiken Nelson, angel Kyodo williams, and Joaquin Ryusho Salazar — in the Zen Peacemaker Order and White Plum lineage of the Soto Zen tradition.

Of those who received the dharma transmission, angel Kyodo williams is now only the second black woman to become a fully transmitted Soto Zen priest, while Joaquin Ryusho Salazar became the first-known priest from the Dominican Republic to receive such transmission in the tradition. williams has written about her own transmission for the upcoming issue of Buddhadharma, directly addressing the complexities of being a black woman in a tradition primarily populated by white adherents in the West.

The ceremony took place in New Rochelle, NY, and was attended and assisted by Grover Genro Gauntt Roshi and  Merle Kodo Boyd Sensei.

Photo by Noemi Koji Santana.