Buddhist Global Relief encourages action on World Food Day

Yesterday was World Food Day, and Buddhist Global Relief has announced that it “is joining Oxfam America and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization promoting sustainable food systems as the means to guarantee food security and nutrition, themes which guide all of Buddhist Global Relief projects.”

Toward that end, BGR has organized Walks to Feed the Hungry in various cities through December 8, and is encouraging the following activities today and in the following “week of action”:

  • Share a meal
  • Discuss the problem of world hunger and commit to taking action
  • Participate in one of the Walks to Feed the Hungry by donating, walking, raising money, or holding a satellite event in your own community
  • Write to, call, or visit your local, state, or national political representatives and ask what concrete actions they are taking to address the problems of food injustice and to build sustainable models of food production and consumption

To learn more about Buddhist Global Relief and World Food Day, click here.