Tibetan monks stage police station protest after one of their members arrested by Chinese forces

Kelsang Chodar

According to Radio Free Asia, several hundred Tibetan Buddhist monks rallied outside a Chinese police station, demanding the release of Kelsang Chodar, one of the monks in their community. Chodar was arrested for allegedly passing on information about unrest in the nearby Tibetan community of Driru. In recent days, four Tibetans were reportedly killed in Driru, and fifty others wounded, while protesting the enforcement of measures insisting that local Tibetans demonstrate allegiance to China, such as by flying the Chinese flag over their homes.

The monks are members of Palyul, a large Nyingma-tradition monastery in China‚Äôs Sichuan province. The Tibet Post adds that local Buddhist nuns and members of the Tibetan lay community quickly swelled the ranks of the monks’ rally. Chodar remains in custody, however, and the crowd was told he had been moved to a different facility.

Photo provided by a Radio Free Asia listener.