redesign: Simplicity is the keyword for studying early Buddhist literature

Bhikkhu Bodhi's latest is one of the many translations available in its entirety at

For those wishing to explore original Buddhist literature, the way through the complexities of the various collections has now been made infinitely easier. — since 2005 one of the main go-to sites for free access to the Buddha’s teachings and their canonical commentaries — has just undergone a radical redesign with one goal in mind: simplicity. Said Australian monk Bhante Sujato, one of the site’s main coordinators, “[O]ne of my interests was to bring a refined and careful aesthetic sensibility to the Dhamma.” The result is clutter-free and easy to navigate, with the new SuttaCentral offering “early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels” from the collections preserved in Pali, Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit, and other languages. One can now study the originals, or read any of the available translations in English (such as all of those by Bhikkhu Bodhi) and in other modern languages, with just a couple of clicks; helpful introductions get newcomers started.

You can see the new SuttaCentral here, and learn more about Bhante Sujato’s methodology in his personal blog post, “SuttaCentral: Designing the Dhamma.”