Send us your photos for our next issue

Do you have photos of you and your teacher that you’d like to see in the pages of Buddhadharma?

Our upcoming issue will feature a forum exploring the teacher-student relationship, and we’d like to ask for your help with the visuals. We’re looking for any photos in which you and your teacher are the primary focus, but beyond that, there are no limits: formal or informal moments, black-and-white or color, old or recent, digital or not. Surprise us.

If you have photos to share, please contact me at with a description or a low-resolution sample of what you’d like to share with us, and I’ll suggest the easiest way to get the material to us. If you have a submission, please contact me by Dec 6.

Thank you — we look forward to seeing you in our next issue of Buddhadharma.

 – Seth Levinson, Art Director