Restoring Buddhist/Muslim harmony the concluding goal of Engaged Buddhists conference

Participants in the 2013 International Network of Engaged Buddhists conference

Restoring harmony between Muslim and Buddhist communities where they coexist in Asia, and particularly in Myanmar, proved a focal point for action as the International Network of Engaged Buddhists concluded its conference last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An INEB press release stated:

“At the close of the conference, a special session brought together Buddhist monks and laypeople, Muslims, and concerned friends from inside and outside Myanmar to consider conflicts and violence that have taken place inside that country over the last two years. Participants in this session, including people of four religions and from interfaith partners inside Myanmar, called upon this interfaith forum to establish a fact-finding commission to examine relations between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar.”

No timeline for the commission’s activity was mentioned, but the intention is to “offer advice and support for the restoration of inter-religious and inter-ethnic stability” in the affected Myanmar regions.

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