Zen Peacekeepers creates Elder Fund for Zen pioneers Bernie Glassman and Eve Marko

As Bernie Glassman — Zen Peacekeepers founder and longtime pioneer in fusing Buddhist practice with social justice activism —  rounds the corner of his 75th birthday, the Zen Peacekeepers community says Glassman “doesn’t plan to retire. But he does tire.” In light of this, they have created an “Elder Fund” to support Glassman and his wife, Roshi Eve Myonen Marko, during this phase of their lives when the schedule of retreats and workshops that usually sustains them necessarily diminishes.

Those who wish to express their appreciation for Glassman’s decades of service to the Soto Zen Buddhist Association of America and the White Plum Lineage, his beneficial innovations such as the Greyston Mandala social enterprise for the homeless, and the powerful street retreats and Bearing Witness pilgrimages he has led to global sites of deep conflict may do so at the Zen Peacekeepers site.