Managala Shri Bhuti solicits prayer requests to be read at eight-day ceremony

For eight days, beginning February 15, the Mangala Shri Bhuti sangha of Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche will be engaged in their semi-annual drupchö (“dharma accomplishment”) ceremonies in Ward and Crestone, CO, and the public is invited to add their prayer requests.

During this practice intensive, which focuses on Longchenpa’s “Gathering of the Awareness Holders” and “Queen of Great Bliss” liturgies, prayer requests from the public are read aloud before the second session each day. Over the course of the drupchö, more than 100,000 symbolic offerings are made at the shrine, along with abundant material offerings, with the merit dedicated to those for whom prayers have been solicited, and extended to all beings. Prayer requests may be emailed (, and if one wishes to make the traditional accompanying contribution, instructions for how to do so are here. Since many prayers must be read daily, MSB requests that they be kept brief and include one’s own name (e.g., “Jane Smith: please pray for the cancer remission of my brother Adam”).