Masterpiece gilt reliefs from ancient Tibetan monastery to be displayed in Asia Society exhibit

Dhumavati Sridevi, early 15th century

Exquisite gilt copper reliefs that adorned the special stupas at Densatil Monastery in central Tibet — nearly lost forever during the wholesale destruction of the Chinese Cultural Revolution — will feature in a major exhibit at the Asia Society in New York City, opening February 19. According to press material, “the exhibition examines the unique design of tashi gomang stupas as huge, three-dimensional mandalas, each comprising a square base supporting six tiers with a stupa at the top…Viewers move through the exhibition as one would have moved around the stupa, with the iconography of each tier detailing the path of the spiritual journey towards enlightenment taken by a Buddhist adherent.” The effect will be enhanced by photographs taken of the original stupas during Italian scholar Giuseppi Tucci’s 1948 Tibet expedition.

As part of opening the Golden Visions of Densatil exhibit, a group of Tibetan monk artisans will create a sand mandala onsite from February 19 to 23. The public may watch the mandala construction, as well as view the finished work before its ritual dismantling at the exhibit’s close on May 18.

Full details about the Densatil exhibit may be found here.

Image via the Asia Society.