PRI’s “The World” profiles Tibetan writer/activist Tsering Woeser

On Tuesday, Public Radio International’s The World program profiled Beijing-based Tibetan writer and activist Tsering Woeser as “the voice of Tibet for China and the world.” The headline echoes the title of her recent book, Voices of Tibet, which examines the lives of the more than 120 Tibetans, including many Buddhist monks and nuns, who have protested Chinese occupation of their homeland through the extreme act of self-immolation (the first such protest of 2014 occurred just a week ago, and a second was reported on Thursday). Asked if she was managing to cut through the party line of Chinese propaganda about Tibet, Woeser replied, “You just have to keep repeating the truth and eventually, people will start to listen. Besides, what else is there to do?”

Find the recording and transcript here.