Arts as Buddhist Practice: Two March gatherings of Northwest Dharma Association

Painter Sanje Elliot will be one of the "Arts as Buddhist Practice" presenters.

Painter Sanje Elliot, an “Arts as Buddhist Practice” presenter

The Northwest Dharma Association wants you in touch with your inner creative this spring. Gatherings they will host in Portland and Seattle, on March 1 and 8, respectively, will focus on “The Arts as Buddhist Practice.” Presentations, performances, and hands-on workshops will be drawn from the aesthetic worlds of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), Nepalese sacred dance and music, calligraphy, Tibetan thangka painting, and the Japanese tea ceremony, as well as original music, painting, poetry, and other art forms.

“The intention for this event is to provide Buddhists and the general public an interesting, fun, and spiritual gathering,” said Tim Tapping, president of NWDA, “so that we experience Mahasangha (greater community) and relate to each other during meaningful activities in a relaxed, open atmosphere throughout the day.”

Details about both events may be found here.

Also see this blog post by one of the presenters, experimental landscape artist Jef Gunn.