Karmapa extends activity to young Western Buddhists, animals

karmapa animal campThe 17th Karmapa has broadened his activities this year to address the concerns of young Western Buddhist aspirants and the welfare of animals in his Indian home.

An organization called the Karmapa Youth Community recently posted an extensive interview they conducted with the Karmapa, beginning with the question, “What do you think would be the most beneficial teaching for young Western practitioners?” See the whole videotaped interview, and learn more about the KYC, at their website here.

During last month’s annual prayer ceremony of the Karma Kagyu tradition in Bodh Gaya, India, the Karmapa also initiated an “Animal Medical Camp.” According to the post-camp report, volunteer veterinarians and their helpers treated 830 animals “from an injured beetle to a sick elephant.” There was also an educational component, with efforts put toward reducing rabies infections, dispelling local superstitions that lead to animals’ suffering, and discouraging the capture and caging of wild birds. Read the full report here.