Equanimity — In the Dharma and in Your Brain

Northern California  

March 30, 2014
9:30 amto5:00 pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Woodacre, CA (Marin County)

Equanimity means not reacting to your reactions. Equanimity breaks the chain of suffering by helping you not react to the pleasant/unpleasant feeling tone of experience with craving and clinging. Your equanimity is based on underlying states of your brain. Modern neuroscience is revealing new ways to cultivate those brain states — a potent combination with time-tested Buddhist practices. This experiential workshop will offer user-friendly information, with lots of practical methods useful for both self-guided practice and in therapeutic settings. With Rick Hanson.

$55 – $150 sliding scale, plus a donation to the teacher (add $5 at the door). Register in advance here.

A live video stream is also available.  $108 – $30 sliding scale. Register in advance for the video stream here.