Six-week course with Ethan Nichtern: Dealing with Emotions

Northeast USA  Online  

May 19, 2014

The Interdependence Project
New York City

Mondays, 7 to 9 pm

This wonderful new series will present an overview of Buddhist teachings on working skillfully to navigate various emotional states. From the standpoint of Buddhist wisdom, emotions are simply energy of the mind, which can be misunderstood and engaged in destructively, or can be utilized and harnessed to bring about Note: This series began April 14.

greater purpose and meaning in life.

We’ll study and workshop the emotions of Anxiety and Fear, Desire and Addiction, Anger, Sadness and Grief, as well as knowing the difference between Confidence and Arrogance. Join us, at home or in NYC!

At the Interdependence Project, 302 Bowery, Middle Buzzer, New York, NY



Drop-In Price: $20