$100,000 matching grant offered to help complete Tulku Urgyen’s Thousand Buddha Temple and Monastery in Lumbini, Nepal

Thousand Buddha TempleThe effort to fulfill Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s vision for a Thousand Buddha Temple and Monastery in Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha, has moved ahead significantly due to a major matching grant offered by one of Tulku Urgyen’s long time students. The gift was inspired by the unlikely story of two heart attacks.

Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. David R. Shlim was summoned from his volunteer work in Kathmandu to treat Tulku Urgyen, who suffered a coronary episode but impressed Shlim as “the first person I had ever met who could face the pain, uncertainty, and shortness of breath associated with a heart attack, and not have any fear at all.” The second much more recent episode was his own, leaving Shlim on a desolate ski slope for two hours, increasingly certain he would die there. However, Shlim “had a vision of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche that was extraordinarily reassuring,” recovered, and soon decided to express his gratitude through this matching grant.

Shlim has promised to match any donation to the Thousand Buddha Temple up to $100,000, and anyone making a gift of $500 or more before June 27 will receive a Shakyamuni Buddha amulet as a gift in return.

The temple is so named because of the teaching that we are currently in an enormous cycle of time known as the Fortunate Eon, in which 1,000 Buddhas will appear, out of which Shakyamuni Buddha was the fourth. Construction on the temple began in 2011 and is about halfway completed.

Visit here for more information about the Thousand Buddha Temple and the David R. Shlim Matching Grant.