Meditation Posture Clinic at The Interdependence Project: Attend in person or online

Northeast USA  Online  

September 14, 2014
12:00 pmto2:00 pm

New York City
Often, meditators struggle to hold their sitting posture rigidly from the start of practice until the concluding bell. Fixating on an idealized position tends to increase pain and distraction. Many times, fear of losing the correct seat reinforces the feeling that they are practicing the the wrong way.
In this experiential workshop led by trained Alexander Technique teacher and meditator Dan Cayer, you will learn to unravel the fixation that leads to a rigid sitting posture. By learning to acknowledge and even welcome the unceasing stream of sensations in your body, students will learn to recognize that that physical posture is a dynamic and ever-changing part of practice and life.

Students of all levels are welcome.  Please wear comfortable clothing.


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