Can Buddhists come together on climate change?


In the current issue of Buddhadharma, Bob Doppelt, author of From Me to We, offers five transformational commitments Buddhists can make to address climate change, and makes the case for their urgency:

In my experience, many in the Buddhist community feel they should remain focused on the dharma and that sanghas should not take an active role in issues that seem political. Climate change, however, is unquestionably a dharma issue. The roots of the problem are ignorance and delusion: ignorance about how it is that life exists on our planet, and the delusion that we can continue unbridled fossil fuel and material consumption without grave consequences. Since we strive as Buddhists to cut through ignorance and follow a path that can relieve suffering, the path by which climate change can be skillfully confronted is, by definition, an expression of dharma practice.

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To find out how you and your community might get involved, visit One Earth Sangha.

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