Winter Practice Period: The Way of Zen

Southwest USA  

January 7, 2015toJanuary 28, 2015

Snow covered Buddha (150x112)Upaya Zen Center

A Practice Period is a time when the stream of practice, study, training, and samu is steady and concentrated at Upaya. This includes four periods of zazen each day, morning samu, afternoon seminars, study and training, interviews with teachers and practice mentors, daylong intensive practices (zazenkais), and one sesshin. One may participate in all of the Practice Period or the zazenkais and sesshin individually.

With Sensei Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker and Upaya Head Priest Shinzan Palma

This 2015 Winter Practice Period includes these programs and all days between:
January 10 Zazenkai
January 7 – 11: The Way of Zen – Week 1
January 17 Zazenkai
anuary 14 – 18: The Way of Zen – Week 2
January 21 – 28 Sesshin: Beyond Thinking

You may also design your own personal retreat at Upaya.

For details and registration, click here or contact Roberta at or 505-986-8518 ext. 12.

Upaya’s campus is 2 miles from downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, nestled in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Upaya Zen Center
1404 Cerro Gordo Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501