Video: “Withdrawal in the Jungle”

This monk is happier and healthier thanks to Tham Krabok's approach to detox.

Thanks to the Facebook feed of meditation teacher Josh Korda, we’ve become aware of this 2005 video, “Withdrawal in the Jungle,” about achieving sobriety thanks to the drug and alcohol-detoxification program taught at Tham Krabok Monastery in Thailand.

We might as well go ahead and advise some viewer discretion; this video is not for the faint of heart — but then neither is the ill health and mental suffering that addiction to alcohol and drugs can bring. The video is told through a Westerner who has become a monk and benefited from the program. Some advice from him: “Whether you’re a junkie or a monk, grab your life and do something with it.”

Watch the video after the jump. And look for Josh Korda’s own reflections on recovery, and how honesty and diligence offer him a daily reprieve from depression and addiction, in “Every Day a Reprieve,” inside our March 2013 magazine.

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