Model/singer/author Naima Mora: “Everyone is a Buddha”

Photo by Kaboo Vang.

Naima Mora, a former contender on TV’s “America’s Next Top Model,” will be delivering a talk called “Everyone is a Buddha” during tomorrow’s TEDxSacramento event, taking place from 8am to 5pm at Sacramento City College’s Performing Arts Center. And while “Buddha” is a word many feel free to use lightly, Mora doesn’t seem to be so cavalier.

In this interview, Ms. Mora says, “I’m a Buddhist and I am always working everyday bringing forth the best part of myself.” She also shares messages of positivity (“Perception: What We Think is What We Believe,” “Life and Death: What Matters Most,”) on her website and on the Huffington Post. Maybe she’ll reveal more about her practice in her upcoming book, Model Behavior, due out in August, or in the lyrics of the band she fronts, Galaxy of Tar, whose progressive and complex music you can hear via this link.

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  1. Tracy Saville
    Posted June 29, 2013 at 11:15 pm | Permalink

    Thank you so much for picking up this story about Naima's TEDxSacramento talk! Stay tune for the release of the talk from TEDx coming soon!

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