Tina Turner weds longtime partner in “Buddhist ceremony”

73-year old R&B and pop icon Tina Turner tied the knot with her partner of 27 years, record producer Erwin Bach, at her Swiss home this week  in what is being described as a Buddhist ceremony.

Turner has been an adherent of the Soka Gakkai tradition of Nichiren Buddhism since 1974, contributing the title track to the 2011 CD, Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers. At the time of Beyond’s release, Shambhala Sun’s Andrea Miller caught up with Turner to talk about love, song, and integrating spiritual practice into a demanding life. “True love,” said Turner at the time, “is something that transcends doubt, something that is not judgmental, something that is openhearted and accepting.”

You can read the full article in the Shambhala Sun archives, here.

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