View an artistic exploration of the mandala next month at Tibet House

Brian Bulfer, "Sacred Exchange"

Will you find yourself in New York City in the new year? Consider taking in Mandala: Locus of Thought, an exhibit at Tibet House of fifteen New York-based artists and their take on this ancient, idealized depiction of the outer and inner universe. “Locus” in the exhibition title, say the curators, indicates the artists’ broad exploratory parameters, considering the mandala as “both a locality and an abstract center of power.” This power may be understood as the purifying influence on the beholder of spiritual symbol and metaphor. See two more examples from the exhibition after the jump:

Jeffrey Scott Matthews, "O-xtn", 2012

Francesca Capone, "Anni's Way", 2012

Mandala: Locus of Thought will be open to the public from January 9 to March 3. Visit the Tibet House US website for more information.

Images courtesy of Tibet House US.

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