Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth


At the Shambhala Sun, we’re great admirers of Alice Walker, and we’ve been honored to publish her work over the years. We admire her art, her commitment to social justice, such as her campaign against female genital cutting, and her spiritual practice, which is at least partly informed by Buddhism. Friday night on its American Masters series, PBS will be broadcasting Pratibha Parmar’s documentary Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth, with many appearances at film festivals to follow immediately. The Shambhala Sun recently published an excellent profile of Walker (also called “The Beautiful Truth”), by Colleen Morton Busch. In it, Walker discusses her inspiring life story, her famed novels, her fight for civil rights and social justice, and her spiritual path. Filmmaker Parmar is interviewed in the story, which we titled “The Beautiful Truth.” You can view/download a PDF of Colleen’s story, with great photographs of Alice by Andrea Roth, here.

And here are more stories by and about Alice Walker from the pages of the Shambhala Sun. Links open in new windows:

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