“All improv is meditation”: the “Buddhist theater” of David Razowsky

david razowsky“I teach Buddhist theater.”

So says David Razowsky, the erstwhile artistic director of Second City’s L.A. training center who’s now trotting the globe giving workshops as a comedy “improv guru.” And maybe that’s not simply marketing hype. In a Chicago Sun-Times profile published yesterday, Razowsky cited Steve Hagen’s Buddhism Plain and Simple in his recommended reading list, and says great improvisers need an in-the-moment presence, a “zero-point [of] non-engagement”:

“When I give an improv class, I say, ‘Your personality’s not allowed in the room, your ego’s not allowed in the room.’”

Razowsky goes on to observe that, “the only source of suffering is non-acceptance” and that truly inspired improvisation avoids judgment, jettisons ambition, notices everything that arises as it arises, and is imbued with a sense of gratitude.

In fact, he says, “all improv is meditation.” Find out what he means and more in the full profile here.

And for more on the intersection of comedy and Buddhism, don’t miss Rod Meade Sperry’s recent Shambhala Sun article, Wise Fools, featuring Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Garry Shandling, and more of today’s most notable comic minds.

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