Appreciating the “Songs of” — and life of — Leonard Cohen

What a good idea: SPIN magazine has created an in-depth list of the The Top 100 Alternative Albums of the 1960′s. It’s quite smart, and in one fell swoop dismantles the idea (one that a surprising amount of people seem to subscribe to) that all music of that decade was made of samey-same flower-power kind of stuff. The list is all over the map.

A perfect example is the list’s choice at #15: Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Leonard Cohen, which came out in ’67. As Pico Iyer, who wrote the feature on Cohen that appears in our new magazine (now on newsstands everywhere, by the way) tells us about that album: “This is the album I grew up on — especially in the days when I dreamed of becoming the Indian Leonard Cohen (trailing around the subcontinent, aged 17, with nothing but a worn cassette of Songs and a new acoustic guitar.) …And SPIN’s write-up is unusually sharp and wise: what a great gift!” For more, check out the SPIN/Cohen entry, and don’t miss Pico’s article, Leonard Cohen burns, and we burn with him, inside our new magazine. (Click here for a preview.)

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