Are you one with your work? Read Pat O’Hara’s “The Work of the Moment,” from our current issue


Illustration by Mark T. Morse

Like the monk who strived so hard he couldn’t see the goddess right behind him, if we push too hard for results, we miss what is intimate.

As Zen teacher Pat Enkyo O’Hara — abbot of NYC’s Village Zendo, and a founding teacher of the Zen Peacemaker family — teaches in our current issue, even the most mundane of life’s activities are profound and beautiful when we and our work are one. Read “The Work of the Moment,” O’Hara’s feature in our current, March 2014 magazine online now. Just click here.

And: whether you’re waiting tables or washing laundry, meditating or making art, the key is always to savor the task at hand. So try O’Hara’s exercises for doing just that — there’s one for those working alone or with a group, and another for those working with a partner or in a group working in pairs.

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  1. Daniel Volz
    Posted March 11, 2014 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

    After so many years that the Darhma has been introduced to America, why does the practice of sitting and active work needs to be reintroduced? There are so many books,Sanhgas,Lamas who speak on such matters.” What Makes You Not A Buddhist” needs to be widely read. Sincerely and thank you, Daniel Volz

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