East Bay craftsman releases free meditation benches “into the wild”

One of Nicholas Taylor's meditation benches being put to good use.

Lovingly hand-crafting sleek, wooden, ergonomic benches for the growing legions of meditators is a fine livelihood. But does anyone ever give a thought to the despondent benches languishing on dusty storeroom shelves, yearning to be free? Longing to be united with an impoverished but destined tuchus?

Well, yes, Nicholas Taylor does. The proprietor of freemeditationbench.com — a donor to our recent online Auction — declares, “With every bench I sell, I will release one free into the wild. It is my hope that my benches will help to bring the benefits of meditation into people’s lives.”

Thankfully, he clarifies:

“Every now and then, I drive around the [San Francisco] Bay area and ‘release’ benches into the wild: at bus stops, in parks, at the library, in a tree, wherever. As I release the benches, I photograph them and send out the location information via Twitter. If you happen to be nearby, get out there and pick it up. If not, don’t worry, I will also release a few free online, all you have to pay is the shipping.”

If you have the means, buying one of Taylor’s meditation benches allows him to offer another for free. If you don’t, have a look at his site, and good luck!

Image by Rebecca Wilkowski.

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