Facing the problems of our ever-warming “Topsy-Turvy World”


As the New York Times reports today: “A panel of experts appointed by the United Nations, unveiling its latest assessment of climate research, reinforced its earlier conclusions that global warming is real, that it is caused primarily if not exclusively by human emissions, and that it is likely to get substantially worse unless efforts to limit those emissions are rapidly accelerated.”

Important news, for sure. But it’s not new. As author and Buddhist teacher Norman Fischer wrote a year ago in his Shambhala Sun article, “Topsy Turvy World,” “The climate is certainly changing, yet there are still people who deny the existence of human-caused climate change, though the scientific consensus is clear. So we remain divided and confused. Climate change isn’t on any serious political candidate’s agenda these days. It’s entirely off the table. Which is crazy.”

Norman goes on to ask how we can make a difference: “What’s the alternative to all this denial? Is there a way we can digest, hold, and live with the scale of our current problems?” Yes, he says, and the way to begin undoing our denial is through the strength of mind that comes from meditation. For more on doing just that, read complete Norman’s article, “Topsy-Turvy World,” online here.

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