From the March 2013 Shambhala Sun magazine: “Mind Training for Today”

“Times are tough,” writes Zen teacher Norman Fischer in the March Shambhala Sun. “We need a way to cope. Halfway measures probably won’t work. We need to really transform our minds—our hearts, our consciousness, our basic attitudes.”

One way to change, Fischer explains, is through the use lojong, or mind training practices. These 59 pithy sayings are used for repetitive practice to develop compassion. Fischer explains how the slogans can help in “Mind Training for Today,” which is online in full for you to read now.

He also guides us through six of the lojong slogans in “Life is Tough: Six Ways to Deal With It” — you can read an excerpt here, and you’ll find the rest inside the March Shambhala Sun. If you’re not a subscriber, click here to subscribe and save half.

If you’re interested in learning more about lojong practice, read Judy Lief’s “I Want to Be… Skillful.”

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