From the November magazine: “Is This Worth It?”

Sara Eckel volunteered as a literacy tutor because she expected to get back more than she gave. But, she learned from her students, volunteering is just about giving. As she writes in “Is This Worth It?” from our November magazine:

“Volunteer work was supposed to make me happier and more fulfilled. I knew this because I had written many articles proclaiming the psychological benefits of donating one’s time, citing research that showed that people who did so enjoyed better health, stronger relationships, and higher overall well-being than those who did not. My Buddhist studies at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York also touted the benefits of selflessness, and I had often heard teachers there repeat Sakyong Mipham’s famous quote, ‘If you want to be miserable, think of yourself. If you want to be happy, think of others.’

“And yet, each week I began my volunteer teaching job with a heavy heart. It was definitely not bringing me greater joy or deeper meaning. It was a job—a job I didn’t get paid for.”

“Is This Worth It?” is now available online in full; click here to read it. You can browse what else is in our November magazine here.

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