George W. Bush paints Dalai Lama for “Art of Leadership” exhibit; Dalai Lama sits down with Maria Shriver (Video)


Former US president George W. Bush has debuted a new collection of his own paintings, including one of the Dalai Lama, for an exhibit of his work shown in his presidential library. Bush talked to his daughter about the collection in a segment for NBC’s Today, which you can watch here. Only a glimpse of the Dalai Lama portrait (shown in this screengrab, left) is seen, but we hope to show you a better image of it soon. Update: You’ll find a larger representation of the portrait here (link will open in new window).

Related update: NBC has also just released a new video interview with His Holiness, conducted by Maria Shriver. The Dalai Lama talks about compassion, anger — including his own — materialism, and more. Watch it after the jump.

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