How to help our Auction succeed — without even spending a cent

Item 253!

Our Annual Online Auction is underway (it wraps up on Tuesday night), and even if you’re not going to bid, you can help out. Just click the Thunderclap link at the end of this sentence to help us spread the word: Then just select Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr once you get there.

(Thunderclap is a message-boosting provider, and we’re using it to tell as many people about the auction as we can. All it takes is a total of 250 supporters’ clicks and then, THUNDERCLAP, off it goes, into the larger online world. All proceeds from the Auction support our not-for-profit publishing mission, so thank you!)

And if you are interested in bidding, there’s plenty awaiting you, like the lovely miniature Buddhist shrine set from Ratna Jewels (shown here), a guided pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, Tibet donated by Jonang Foundation, the personal geodesic dome we told you about the other day, art by Miya Ando, Chrysanne Stathacos and other artists featured in the Shambhala Sun, and another 300+ gifts, retreats, and programs to bid on. Click here to check it all out.

PS: There are still a (smallish) number of Auction items with only one bid. You know what that means? A particularly great deal awaits!

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