Lodro Rinzler would like you to be a part of his next book

Our friend Lodro Rinzler, author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar, is working on a new book, based on his “What Would Sid Do?” columns for the Interdependence Project and the Huffington Post. The columns (and book) are based on the idea that before Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, was fully enlightened, he was confused. While he was trying to live a spiritual life, he probably made a lot of mistakes along the way.

Through February 1, Lodro will be accepting new questions to answer in his book. It’s a chance to ask any nagging spiritual questions you might have, and to participate in the creation of this new book. As Lodro writes:

This is a call to you, and to anyone else you think may be interested, to get involved in shaping the content of this book. Please feel free to submit a question that can be featured! It could be that awkward thing you always wanted to ask your Buddhist friend over dinner, like, “How come you eat meat?” or something in your own life that you are trying to get a spiritual take on like, “Is it okay that I occasionally smoke pot?” or something as simple as “What do I need to start a meditation practice?

Any and all questions are welcome — and you can submit yours here. All questions that make it into the book will be anonymous, though contributors who don’t mind having their names somewhere in the book will be thanked in the acknowledgements.

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