Mark Sanford, meditator: I’ve learned “the importance of stillness and quietness” (Updated)

Mark Sanford‘s name has, for better or worse, become quite well known. He’s the former governor of South Carolina, and is now a Republican House candidate making the rounds. But then there was his famous affair — and Sanford’s defiant statements of loyalty to his new flame. Surprisingly, he’s weathered the scandal quite well. Also surprising, as we learned today, is the fact that this Southern politician doesn’t seem to refute the idea that he might be considered a “Buddhist Christian.” As Yahoo!’s Chris Moody writes:

“Sanford told me that his interest in Buddhism stretched back three years, when he retreated to his remote family farm after the scandalous end to his term as governor when he secretly left the country to have an affair with an Argentine woman who he now plans to marry.

“While in exile, Sanford began studying meditation, a practice he continues to this day.”

For more about Sanford’s thoughts on Buddhism and meditation, as well as details about his campaign, see Moody’s story, here.

MAY 8 UPDATE: Sanford has won his Congressional seat.

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