Meet Tara Brach, meditation’s “Type-A go-getter”

Buddhist meditation teacher and psychologist Tara Brach has become  popular in her hometown of Washington, D.C., especially among high-powered urban professionals. As a new profile from The Washington Post told us this weekend, she’s a “Type-A go-getter” whose weekly meditation classes and dharma talks draw people from many religions and walks of life.  Click here to read the full WP story.

To get a taste of Brach’s teachings, click here to read “Bringing RAIN to Difficulty,” a guided reflection from her new book True Refuge. Andrea Miller also profiled Brach, along with fellow Buddhist psychotherapists Barry Magid and John Welwood, in “When Ego Meets Non-Ego,” from the Shambhala Sun archives. Click here to read that article.

See also:

  • Finding True Refuge, a video series created by Brach that takes you inside people’s intimate journey into meditation.

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